One year is nearly ended, and we open the door for a new year, with lots of new opportunities.

I wish you a year filled with present minds, with focus of love, and the caption of that in your heart and in your search for life.

Be aware; what you do actually DO MATTER!!!

to you ALL

foto: Chatrine Kivijervi


www.luckyoneway.blogspot.com Thank you Jannik for lots of keys, and also for you to be an artist with lots of great intentions and projects :)


Thank you Niccolo for Van Gogh key from Denver :-)))


Sweet SMILY key :-)) :) :) :) From Anne Norway


THANK you key(soul)-mates Soobin, and Niccolo for connecting!!! :) :) Two key-projects in one: " Key to the city" and "Keyproject" same goals united! Thank you Paul. Together we can do even more. No competition, just collaboration for a better world = :)
I LOVE that thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Thank you @artvaughan, Tasmania Australia :) Key, blue as the sky.
    Nice contribution to the collection!!


Nice letter from Anouk from Netherlands :)
Thanks for key, and support :-))))


Cool key-guy :)
Joel Ouilé


The language of keys.
NICE key-card given with keys to the project.
Thank you Bjørn!!!


Inner peace and balance, what a joy, and what a key-meeting!!


If you are joining "Keyproject", you are allso recycling. Send an old key no longer for use, and make it useful to "keyproject".

I love working with recycling in my artworks!
This is from an installation in Lofoten, Norway.
Destruction to revitalization


Communication between religions and beliefes that is something I believe in :)
I´ll be there with my keyproject


People gave me keys when I visited Lofoten for an exhibition. Lofoten, SO beautiful!!!!!! Really worth visiting


TO ALL OF YOU :If you send me pictures of yourself with the key you send me,  I will publish it on my blog :-)))
from Swedish houses built in 1942 ++++
Thanks Solveig and Bjørn!!! :)


So many persons wanting to help out :-) The project is starting to be a part of many-keypersons- Thanks to Michael, Anita, Victor, Jan Henrik, Niccolo and all of you doing an effort for this project !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Svolvær hotel and their employees....you came with lots of keys 11.30 pm. after work, so that I could get them before I left :) <3


Thanks for key, and nice key-card!! Please write a name, country and city so I can put in my book. So nice to know where about the keys come from :) And the project gets more personal. Communication and collaboration needs more than one ;)


Thanks Grethe!! You have really worked to promote the group ;-)) Three letters with information of the project on the outside. GOOD key-work ;)Fet


FANTASTIC key, made for a key-reaction. Thank you Tobbe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day this will join all the others to make one big


First opportunity to see the small key, do we manage to make one big world-key?
If you are nearby Oslo, between 29. of april- 16. of mai, visit "Lykkehaven" and join with a "useless key that will become useful" for KEY PROJECT.


Keys need to be brushed after soldering to gain
their appearance


Soldering keys together for a bigger key, made of all the small keys



Preparing keys against rust :-))
Good to have friends helping with dirty work.
To do things together is so much more fun!!


I had a friend that tried to communicate my project in Argentina. I had told him about my thoughts to spread the words, and that one key; from each participants was more important than many from one person. He realized his problems with conversation when he could not talk their language, and they could talk poorly english. Not always easy to communicate without words, especially not verbose thoughts ;)


Lately keys are given from Oslo, Stavanger, Peru...
I am now looking for key-cabinets to put out on recipient areas on different companies, shops and councils here in Norway so that it´s easy reachable for people. They should be quite big, and I want them to be old ones :)


Keyproject-Italy: Some of the key-persons from Italy. Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!!


Found out that key-conversation starts close conversations. Suddenly I got to know important dreams and projects of other persons. Like Sicilia; working with new ways of  energy-making. Thanks for interesting conversation Sicilia!!!


Going to Italy and already know there are keys waiting for me :) Looking forward to get them!!!!!!!!!!! And to get new friends! Love to meet people, and communicate. There are so many nice people if you´re just positive yourself. And so many exiting experiences by getting to know people from other places and other cultures. Find it interesting to discuss life even if we do not agree. Understand that there are not one answer, but interesting facets.


I have got a peace-key; thats from the German key- and locker city, Velbert


I have now got keys FOR PEACE from Vadsø, Hokksund, and Oslo in Norway. From Spain, France and Argentina. Cecilie from Hokksund sent me a grean key; for hope. Thanks for joining ALL OF YOU


FIRST day with flag counter yesterday...and people from ten contries visiting just this day :-))) This wouldn´t be possible without YOU! Thanks all of you telling about the project!!!!!!!