There are posibilities of love and compassion out there! :)
We want to take care of each other instead of making wars>



Mette Mustad you gave keys for my first big exhibition. This time you give keys for peace. We are all important keys. In between us all, show a willingness to cooperate and understand each other. As a sister as a brother. Everything is possible, we must just work for it! (Art in the back of Svea Bjornsson, Australia) The world has no limits if we don´t make them!


It´s fantastic when you remember the project in your heart, and join when you find keys :) We hold the key within, and together we have the power to change!! Thank you Lisbet Aarum. LOVE 


Cultural school Røyken and Roar Lindberg, the principal has given keys for the key-project. THANK YOU so much for joining!!!


Thank you Hedda ten years giving key for peace!! YOU count, ALL of you. That is the true  


Wonderful key from Frøydis Rui Rahman my super enthusiastic and positive friend, making a huge difference for her environments. Conscious of not judging, being open minded and give out love-energy. Always giving some extra with a smile! ❤  http://www.froydis.no


The mystic key-holder Jan Even Evensen has given the project a Berlin key. 
Thank you so much for thinking of the project when you where out traveling. Connecting old war enemies with keys :) We hope the key will open up double and lock no doors :-))
The Berlin key (also known as "Schließzwangschlüssel" (German) or "forced locking key" (English)) is a key for type of door lock. It was designed to force people to close and lock their doors (usually a main entrance door or gate leading into a common yard or tenement block). Its particularity comes from the fact that it has two key blades (the part which activates the bolt), one at each end of the key, rather than the usual single blade. After unlocking the lock, the key must be pushed all the way through the lock and retrieved on the other side of the door after it has been closed and locked again. The mechanism makes the retrieval of the key impossible when the door is unlocked. Also, locking an open door is usually not possible.
Invented by the Berliner locksmith Johann Schweiger, the Berlin key was massively produced by the Albert Kerfin & Co company starting in 1912. With the advent of more recent locking technologies, this kind of lock and key is becoming less common, but it can still be widely found in the tenement buildings of BerlinGermany.
The key is subject of a book La Clé de Berlin by Science and Technology studies professor Bruno Latour.



Marit has collected a whole box of keys. Lots of history. Posing with history costume ;) Thank you Marit for all your work, and your great contribution as a human! Marit is a flight attendant always working for making people feel nice, connecting with people from all over the world, and she LOVES to communicate, and make connections in between people. First time I met her, she just came to me and told me "I know I have to get to know you, you are special, and I want you to meet someone". And there our adventure started ;) Big LOVE to you Marit!!! ❤ 


I just love ALL the great persons I  meet through this project!!!  has promised to send keys for a while and we have had nice contact through Twitter. Today I received a wonderful letter  from you :-* Thank you for joining, you are a wonderful contribution to make the big key-opener for peace :) LOVE Svanhild


Key from Mexico :D Thank you Sinhue Ramirez!!!!! And Beautiful made wrap 


Peace weavers
Wake up!
Come out of your hiding place 
and unite

Let us together spin
a rainbow filament
and weave a glowing net
which shall warm and renew hope
on our planet

Thanks to my auntie, Tove Banoun for these wonderful words!! ♥



I´m so moved by my daddy´s effort. He has collected keys for me everywhere he works. He make houses, and of course he meets some key-persons on his way ;) LOVE you daddy ❤ 


Georg Hoel Evans came on my door all the way, half an hour with his mom to give me keys. Thank you Georg and love for you both :-)) Hope everyone remember we are all related, we need to care, together we can open up!! 


A part of me, a part of you. Thank you Ping Wang from China for being a part of the key-project. Together we can make peace come true!! :D


Beautiful keys from beautiful lady Marit Bakke, "Mariaflyfly", her goal to be herself and shine for others is a wonderful gift for others :D ❤ 


I will join  with this card. What ever lies you tell yourself or others, your heart will always tell the truth. LOVE to YOU ALL!!!!


Thank YOU @welwaar from Greece, for joining with keys, and as a key-person :-D NO keys are boring!!! Think of the unspoken history of each and one of them. And someone is good for building someone is more garnish.....different tasks, and REALLY boring if everyone was the same!!!
Like in real life ;)


Just have to show you all this beautiful picture:-)) 100.000 monks in prayer for a better world.
All that strong mind


Some key-persons wants to be anonymous. We LOVE you to join anyway :-)) 


Thank you to VOLT the youth activity center in Lørenskog for all your keys no longer in use, made useful in keyproject Keys_for_peace!!!!


Dear Eliza Banoun, you´ve found such a nice old key for the project. You are such a nice key yourself, a young one ;) With solution in sight :-)) LOVE