Thanks Erlend Mikael Sæverud for beautiful exhibition "Everybody counts" working with some of the same aspects as #KEYS_FOR_PEACE, and thanks for joining the project with a key!! Grateful for your thoughts and work for understanding!!!!



Key-carrier Black Steed, 
TOTALLY FANTASTIC band from Inner Mongolia, China. Rock and origin music meet...and quite some musicians !


Sacred festival
The aim of the organizers is to bring people together making dialogue happening in a number of ways. Therefore it is very good to have the Key Project as as central part of the Drammen Sacred Music Festival. We are all keys to dialogue. Without ourselves opening our doors for each other, communication and dialogue will not happen.- Pastor Ivar Flaten
Hart-opener-key designed for the festival


To bring people together making dialogue happening in a number of ways. /you-are-a-key-person/  so nice post Ivar Flaten parish priest in Drammen, on behalf of Drammen Sacred Music Festival
Thanks Roisin Markham from Ireland for key sent in homemade bag and cards with your own paintings :-)) You even did put a shell on that bag...think you know me too well ;) I love nature and have lots of shells and stones in my home :D I met Roisin on twitter her account @CreativeDynamix Artist & Entrepreneur. Bringing creative approaches to progressive organisations, initiatives & people working in partnerships to solve, innovate + communicate. http://creativedynamic.blogspot.com/p/welcome-to.html


My key-friend on twitter has got the point :-))) @CreativeDynamix >
@srkunst I like the idea of a key as an opening up symbol of peace and engaging in a traditional + metaphor + posting



I have got good luck ladybugs and Keys from Rannveig, Peter, Jacob & Oscar :-))))
THANK you so much this must give a lot of good luck for the project ;)



My wonderful illustrator friend Stina Ørdal, www.illustina.no, has given me keys :-)) LOVE her imaginative drawings :-)) Thank you Stina!!