Dear @ Oakland USA we have met on twitter, but I´m sure we´re going to meet for real one time :)
Thank you so much for heart and key and for joining key-poject. Looking forward to more collaboration!!! Hope you pick up lots of nice energies on the beach these days ;) Here is the page of Katayoon with her nice paintings on FB



VIDEO Pachamama, the KEY, and the Nordic Queen conceived

➤☀T☀H☀A☀N☀K☀Y☀O☀U☀➤ Thanks to ALL beautiful people participating in the project, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!!



On the Opera roof the 21th of June the small prototype key (2 meter) will arrive Opera harbour in Oslo 6 pm with the "Pachamama-reed-boat" (mother earth). The boat will be filled with musicians from all over the world and the key. When the boat has arrived Svanhild Rohdin, the artist, will carrie the key and will be joined by one of the first European didgeridoo player Zotora fantastic scandinavian Opera singer Katharina Frogner Kockum , the wonderful Danser Silje Michaela Kvalheim and the guitar player Roar Lindberg to place the key on the Opera roof.

#keys_for_peace will be on the roof of the Opera both days so you can deliver YOUR KEY to the project from 10am-10pm both days. COME AND JOIN:D



21-22th of june #KEYS_FOR_PEACE is going to collect keys from you on the Opera roof in Norway, Oslo (in collaboration: www.pachamamaboat.com.) Send a key, deliver on Opera roof or in the "Designkollektivet" until 1th of auguste, and you might win a key-painting drawn 8th of auguste. The painting is exhibited at "Designerkollektivet" (Norwegian design collaboration) , Aker Brygge from 16th of june amongst other paintings made by me, artist Svanhild Rohdin.



Gave away key painting to "Happy for Africa" http://is.gd/trAjxo Hopefully it brings in lots of money for the cause :-D


If you already know how to make your dream come true, then youre thinking too small. -Jack Canf
So well my dream is peace, and I wont give up :-) Want to join? And make the dream one key-person closer ? :) LOVE



A sunny day :D Paul Bould has found heaps of keys on his work. Maybe you know keys no longer for use on your work. Why not send, at least one key to key-project and join :)