Going to Italy and already know there are keys waiting for me :) Looking forward to get them!!!!!!!!!!! And to get new friends! Love to meet people, and communicate. There are so many nice people if you´re just positive yourself. And so many exiting experiences by getting to know people from other places and other cultures. Find it interesting to discuss life even if we do not agree. Understand that there are not one answer, but interesting facets.


I have got a peace-key; thats from the German key- and locker city, Velbert


I have now got keys FOR PEACE from Vadsø, Hokksund, and Oslo in Norway. From Spain, France and Argentina. Cecilie from Hokksund sent me a grean key; for hope. Thanks for joining ALL OF YOU


FIRST day with flag counter yesterday...and people from ten contries visiting just this day :-))) This wouldn´t be possible without YOU! Thanks all of you telling about the project!!!!!!!