This year: heart opener-key gingerbread-stunt.
SWEET KISSES for you all ;)


Four hours with music and fun, inspired of east, india, Brasil, norwegian folk music, opera, jazz, classic........and so one. In total over 30 musicians and one AMAZING circle dancer from Kairo. So many talented musicians, singers from different cultures and music categories. I think it is a splendid way of communicating across different boarders. Maybe music actually is our peace answer. You can communicate without language. SOURCE OF CHRISTMAS, here the ensemble without guests.


-Turning my anger as a young child to a mirror globally, transforming some of the negative energy to something positive. Make anger into peace. Globalize people for GOOD!!

Interview with Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2011


To get things like this, makes me feel the project is worth working for!!! You touch my heart. I´m so honored the project touched yours ❤ Elisabeth Rennesrud.

 Here is my key ... I can finally say ... it has taken some time.
This key has done its job. It is used to unlock and lock a special door.
That's the life story of a key.

And here's my point. I've realized that I, as a result of my own choices,
use keys all the time--not just for unlocking, but also for locking.

I have been forced to close and lock some doors during my life. Only then
can I open other doors.
You need good and honest friends to see which door it is time to close.

Now I have finally locked a particularly difficult door. It has not been
easy, but I feel like I have received more energy back in my life. Energy
spent on a worthless open door that created a draft, can now be used for
something more worthwhile, in other places and on other people.

I can follow my heart and use my energy on what I find true and meaningful!

........ I prefer to open doors, so I will do as much of that as possible
in the future ....... :0

I wish too be a key person.


Per Person and Gunn-Helen Johansen at Friends Fair Trade in Oslo have given keys to the project, and also helped to collect from their customers. Conscious people working for good :) THANKS FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION!!!!!


Key from artist Vera Staishevskaja from Talin, Estonia. She works with both painting and graphics. Delicate work, with lots of symbols and meaning. Thank you for joining Keys_for_peace and for being a conscious key-person!! :)


Carolyn Pooler has sent keys from Denver Surrealism Society to KEYS4☮ with unity and LOVE. I know she is doing a lot of work to make her community a better place to live. Thank you Caroline, and thanks for Denver surrealist society to be a nice network :-)) 


Christian Hammer found this key on a travel to Malta. Thank you Christian for joining and connecting Malta with the project :-)


Deacon of Fjell church coordinator of Drammen and the surrounding area Forum of faith and belief Signe Myklebust has donated a key for the project. She works a lot for understanding and communication between religions and believes. GREAT job :-)


“Coming together is beginning, keeping
together is progress and working
together is success”. -Tserkarmo Monastery


Thank YOU @artedoris McALLEN, USA, for all your keys joining the project. Out of ten, five came through thanks to the post office helping out with new envelope...a bit too many keys for one small envelope I think. GREAT words and your own Dove painting "Alma/Soul" (see picture) : "What you are doing is amazing! This project will touch many hearts. Good luck in your project!" -Doris. WE touch hearts together Doris, thats what is great :-))) LOVE Svanhild


Thanks Erlend Mikael Sæverud for beautiful exhibition "Everybody counts" working with some of the same aspects as #KEYS_FOR_PEACE, and thanks for joining the project with a key!! Grateful for your thoughts and work for understanding!!!!



Key-carrier Black Steed, 
TOTALLY FANTASTIC band from Inner Mongolia, China. Rock and origin music meet...and quite some musicians !


Sacred festival
The aim of the organizers is to bring people together making dialogue happening in a number of ways. Therefore it is very good to have the Key Project as as central part of the Drammen Sacred Music Festival. We are all keys to dialogue. Without ourselves opening our doors for each other, communication and dialogue will not happen.- Pastor Ivar Flaten
Hart-opener-key designed for the festival


To bring people together making dialogue happening in a number of ways. /you-are-a-key-person/  so nice post Ivar Flaten parish priest in Drammen, on behalf of Drammen Sacred Music Festival
Thanks Roisin Markham from Ireland for key sent in homemade bag and cards with your own paintings :-)) You even did put a shell on that bag...think you know me too well ;) I love nature and have lots of shells and stones in my home :D I met Roisin on twitter her account @CreativeDynamix Artist & Entrepreneur. Bringing creative approaches to progressive organisations, initiatives & people working in partnerships to solve, innovate + communicate. http://creativedynamic.blogspot.com/p/welcome-to.html


My key-friend on twitter has got the point :-))) @CreativeDynamix >
@srkunst I like the idea of a key as an opening up symbol of peace and engaging in a traditional + metaphor + posting



I have got good luck ladybugs and Keys from Rannveig, Peter, Jacob & Oscar :-))))
THANK you so much this must give a lot of good luck for the project ;)



My wonderful illustrator friend Stina Ørdal, www.illustina.no, has given me keys :-)) LOVE her imaginative drawings :-)) Thank you Stina!!



"A small contribution for the peace key" from Sissel Espensen. THANK YOU, it´s GREAT !! :)



Photo by the Norwegian photo artist Knut Utler , reporting art-comment on war



Thank you so much Diana Lawson from Scotland, you were in Oslo in june on the Opera roof, and you have sent me nice words and wonderful keys. One even looks handmade with an S, for SUPER key ;)


Bern Anita u. Johann: "Wir wünschen viel Glück zu Ihrem Projekt und grüssen sie freundlich" Nice photo from Switzerland and their mountains, with three beautiful keys. I´m so grateful :)


So many people sending keys with cards from the Opera :) GREAT you send keys, but U may keep the card, I have many myself ;) This one I had some trouble understanding. Please write so I understand, I really want to log you in my book



Caretaker and opera lover has gathered several keys to keyproject. THANK YOU for your participation :)



I experienced so much fantastic music at Bøgrend Autofestival last weekend. One of the wonderful volunteers gave me a pair of keys for the project. Thank you so much Monika Skaalerud!! I have just met you once, but I have already seen your commitment, your positive attitude, and your enormous will to do things for others. You are a great key-person! Monica normally works for youth as a deacon in Lørenskog

I get so HAPPY every time I open the key-box finding keys from you all over the world Here is one from Georgia & Alfredo, Minnesota USA, keyfriends of Eugenio (he sent me this old key from Portugal) I had to picture them together JOINED, GREAT key-reaction!! Thank you Georgina and Alfredo for your kind words and warm thoughts for Norway after what happened. Blessings and LOVE



I got new key sent on key-card from Opera roof :-) Thanks M. Lukassen from Holland!!



Thank you dear Eugenio from Portugal for beautiful key and key-words ( see earlier post). And thank you for your kind words when we experienced all this tragedy in Norway. Hopefully this tragedy got Norwegian people and hopefully others to understand that dangerous people is not about religion, country, or culture. We have to start communication, respect and love for each other. Often hate and war is about miss-understanding and lack of care.


I got loads of keys from Haakon Rød :) He has worked with safes back in the old days, you can even see the old key envelopes from the bank. Haakon is a radio amateur communicating with people through his radio masts. He has communicated with people from 200 countries and his name on the airwaves is LA9LIM. His motto: to travel is the most important in life; both physically and through the airwaves > COMMUNICATE



Ocean of flowers: 200.000 people joined the flower-parade in memory for the victims of the terror in Norway.

First part of the poem sung by the crowds
poem by Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg

War is contempt for life,
Peace is creation
Death’s march is halted
By determination

We all deserve the world,
Harvest and seed
Hunger and poverty
Are born of greed

Don’t turn your face away
From needs of others
Reach out a helping hand
To all your brothers

Here is our solemn vow,
From land to land
We will protect our world
From tyrants’ hand

Defend the beautiful,
Gentle and innocent
Like any mother would
Care for her infant.



This just makes me so touched I have to share it with you all:

Do you remember a Portuguese man who took a picture from you and your “KEY” last 22th June at the Opera House yard and promise to send a key to your project, from Portugal?

When you explained your project I was touched by your thoughts and key sculpture. I felt I was sent back to my twenties…

That’s the reason why I just sent a very old and nice key, by mail.

I also sent emails to all my friends explaining your project and hope they send more keys, too. About “Your” key, I hope young people like you will “open” the door to a new and better world without war, globalization, hunger, misery, illiteracy, deficit, rating agencies, etc., etc., etc…., in a word, a better future world to my (our) children and grandchildren. You have the key…

Long life to you and all your projects…


Key from Nederland, Thanks !!! I can see you have been visiting me on the Opera roof visiting Oslo :-))) WELCOME back! Love Svanhild
Strangest thing happened, I got to envelopes from same person, keycard and name inside, but both was opened from the side of the envelope...and there was no keys. This has never happened before...not even from abroad. I have asked the post office to check out this key-mystery ;)

Thank you Hanne Sue for old keys from your cottage!!
Tango keys from tango lady :) www.tangoheaven.com



I´m holding keys from Sigrun Anita Halvorsen, she thinks the idea of open inner, outer, and imaginary doors are GREAT :) THANK YOU !!!! And of course you might win a key painting since you sent before 1th of august :)


Dear @ Oakland USA we have met on twitter, but I´m sure we´re going to meet for real one time :)
Thank you so much for heart and key and for joining key-poject. Looking forward to more collaboration!!! Hope you pick up lots of nice energies on the beach these days ;) Here is the page of Katayoon with her nice paintings on FB



VIDEO Pachamama, the KEY, and the Nordic Queen conceived

➤☀T☀H☀A☀N☀K☀Y☀O☀U☀➤ Thanks to ALL beautiful people participating in the project, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!!



On the Opera roof the 21th of June the small prototype key (2 meter) will arrive Opera harbour in Oslo 6 pm with the "Pachamama-reed-boat" (mother earth). The boat will be filled with musicians from all over the world and the key. When the boat has arrived Svanhild Rohdin, the artist, will carrie the key and will be joined by one of the first European didgeridoo player Zotora fantastic scandinavian Opera singer Katharina Frogner Kockum , the wonderful Danser Silje Michaela Kvalheim and the guitar player Roar Lindberg to place the key on the Opera roof.

#keys_for_peace will be on the roof of the Opera both days so you can deliver YOUR KEY to the project from 10am-10pm both days. COME AND JOIN:D



21-22th of june #KEYS_FOR_PEACE is going to collect keys from you on the Opera roof in Norway, Oslo (in collaboration: www.pachamamaboat.com.) Send a key, deliver on Opera roof or in the "Designkollektivet" until 1th of auguste, and you might win a key-painting drawn 8th of auguste. The painting is exhibited at "Designerkollektivet" (Norwegian design collaboration) , Aker Brygge from 16th of june amongst other paintings made by me, artist Svanhild Rohdin.



Gave away key painting to "Happy for Africa" http://is.gd/trAjxo Hopefully it brings in lots of money for the cause :-D


If you already know how to make your dream come true, then youre thinking too small. -Jack Canf
So well my dream is peace, and I wont give up :-) Want to join? And make the dream one key-person closer ? :) LOVE



A sunny day :D Paul Bould has found heaps of keys on his work. Maybe you know keys no longer for use on your work. Why not send, at least one key to key-project and join :)