To get things like this, makes me feel the project is worth working for!!! You touch my heart. I´m so honored the project touched yours ❤ Elisabeth Rennesrud.

 Here is my key ... I can finally say ... it has taken some time.
This key has done its job. It is used to unlock and lock a special door.
That's the life story of a key.

And here's my point. I've realized that I, as a result of my own choices,
use keys all the time--not just for unlocking, but also for locking.

I have been forced to close and lock some doors during my life. Only then
can I open other doors.
You need good and honest friends to see which door it is time to close.

Now I have finally locked a particularly difficult door. It has not been
easy, but I feel like I have received more energy back in my life. Energy
spent on a worthless open door that created a draft, can now be used for
something more worthwhile, in other places and on other people.

I can follow my heart and use my energy on what I find true and meaningful!

........ I prefer to open doors, so I will do as much of that as possible
in the future ....... :0

I wish too be a key person.

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