I got loads of keys from Haakon Rød :) He has worked with safes back in the old days, you can even see the old key envelopes from the bank. Haakon is a radio amateur communicating with people through his radio masts. He has communicated with people from 200 countries and his name on the airwaves is LA9LIM. His motto: to travel is the most important in life; both physically and through the airwaves > COMMUNICATE



Ocean of flowers: 200.000 people joined the flower-parade in memory for the victims of the terror in Norway.

First part of the poem sung by the crowds
poem by Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg

War is contempt for life,
Peace is creation
Death’s march is halted
By determination

We all deserve the world,
Harvest and seed
Hunger and poverty
Are born of greed

Don’t turn your face away
From needs of others
Reach out a helping hand
To all your brothers

Here is our solemn vow,
From land to land
We will protect our world
From tyrants’ hand

Defend the beautiful,
Gentle and innocent
Like any mother would
Care for her infant.



This just makes me so touched I have to share it with you all:

Do you remember a Portuguese man who took a picture from you and your “KEY” last 22th June at the Opera House yard and promise to send a key to your project, from Portugal?

When you explained your project I was touched by your thoughts and key sculpture. I felt I was sent back to my twenties…

That’s the reason why I just sent a very old and nice key, by mail.

I also sent emails to all my friends explaining your project and hope they send more keys, too. About “Your” key, I hope young people like you will “open” the door to a new and better world without war, globalization, hunger, misery, illiteracy, deficit, rating agencies, etc., etc., etc…., in a word, a better future world to my (our) children and grandchildren. You have the key…

Long life to you and all your projects…


Key from Nederland, Thanks !!! I can see you have been visiting me on the Opera roof visiting Oslo :-))) WELCOME back! Love Svanhild
Strangest thing happened, I got to envelopes from same person, keycard and name inside, but both was opened from the side of the envelope...and there was no keys. This has never happened before...not even from abroad. I have asked the post office to check out this key-mystery ;)

Thank you Hanne Sue for old keys from your cottage!!
Tango keys from tango lady :) www.tangoheaven.com



I´m holding keys from Sigrun Anita Halvorsen, she thinks the idea of open inner, outer, and imaginary doors are GREAT :) THANK YOU !!!! And of course you might win a key painting since you sent before 1th of august :)