Carolyn Pooler has sent keys from Denver Surrealism Society to KEYS4☮ with unity and LOVE. I know she is doing a lot of work to make her community a better place to live. Thank you Caroline, and thanks for Denver surrealist society to be a nice network :-)) 


Christian Hammer found this key on a travel to Malta. Thank you Christian for joining and connecting Malta with the project :-)


Deacon of Fjell church coordinator of Drammen and the surrounding area Forum of faith and belief Signe Myklebust has donated a key for the project. She works a lot for understanding and communication between religions and believes. GREAT job :-)


“Coming together is beginning, keeping
together is progress and working
together is success”. -Tserkarmo Monastery


Thank YOU @artedoris McALLEN, USA, for all your keys joining the project. Out of ten, five came through thanks to the post office helping out with new envelope...a bit too many keys for one small envelope I think. GREAT words and your own Dove painting "Alma/Soul" (see picture) : "What you are doing is amazing! This project will touch many hearts. Good luck in your project!" -Doris. WE touch hearts together Doris, thats what is great :-))) LOVE Svanhild