This just makes me so touched I have to share it with you all:

Do you remember a Portuguese man who took a picture from you and your “KEY” last 22th June at the Opera House yard and promise to send a key to your project, from Portugal?

When you explained your project I was touched by your thoughts and key sculpture. I felt I was sent back to my twenties…

That’s the reason why I just sent a very old and nice key, by mail.

I also sent emails to all my friends explaining your project and hope they send more keys, too. About “Your” key, I hope young people like you will “open” the door to a new and better world without war, globalization, hunger, misery, illiteracy, deficit, rating agencies, etc., etc., etc…., in a word, a better future world to my (our) children and grandchildren. You have the key…

Long life to you and all your projects…

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