Keys for Peace – 

(keyphotos: Cathrine Kivijervi)

If you send me one key, I will make a big one out of all I get, as a key-opener to peace. I believe the Key to achieving peace is the engagement of individuals around the world. The more people that show they care, the bigger the impact of all contributions towards a better world.  If enough people join, we are not just one person any more. 
Let´s try!!!!!!


In 2006 I started the making of a sculpture, made of keys, as a symbol for opening inner doors. The sculpture consisted of many individual keys given to me by different people with different life stories and backgrounds. The response for contribution was amazing and only thanks to that contribution I was able to make the art piece. The collaboration on this project showed me that big goals are attainable only through togetherness.

A small individual gesture of simply giving me the key made a strong impact.

The process and result inspired me to start a new project of a bigger scale: a
 Key to Peace, the symbol of individual effort in common strife for better humanity. A symbol of the necessity of individual engagement.

I want to Promote this engagement. We can show our protest against violation of human rights, suffering of our fellow beings and wars. We have the key to stop the suffering by showing that we care! Each of us and thogether! The change of the world is our door!  

I believe that if each and every one of us choose to show our commitment in the fight for our fellow human beings who are suffering from the results of war, we can change the world.

The sculpture is planned to be 7 m high and displays a key consisting of many different keys. The project will then be placed in a strategic location to promote PEACE. (Your suggestions for locations are welcome.)

Please follow up and participate!

Please send me one key today:


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  1. Cool activity. I hope you get as many keys as you need. I will send it to all my friends.