Thanks my Goddess ;) for all help and support!! You have given the projects smallest key, and now you have delivered keys from your parents and friends. You have been digging for stones for the key-fountain, and you have been great moral and positive support!

First day I met her as a Goddess, we sat beside each other for 18 hours on a flight to India. She came and sat down beside me, her long blond hair like a glory around her head, light skin and a deep pink sari. I heard her story for the first time:) This is the SHORT version:
She once lived a normal norwegian life, and she seemed like a lady with quite many rules for her self, her family and others.
But her life totally changed. One day she went in to an Indian shop in Oslo by an coincident. There in first floor in the most far corner of the shop, she found a picture of an Indian temple.
She had never been somewhere close to India, but this temple looked so familiar. She started to talk with the lady working in the shop, discussing religion and life. The Indian lady told her that her way of believe in God was exactly the way of the hindus. She should visit an hinduist temple in Norway and get to learn more. She actually found out, that even she didn´t live in Oslo, she had just moved to the place were the main hinduist temple in Norway were situated.........
This started the journey that ended in here traveling around India to find a place she had seen in her inner views, to find where she got burnt in an earlier life with her husband (in beliefs of Indians she´s a goddess). She found the temple close to the stone for her getting burnt. And the priests was waiting her, this stone was never moved because they were told someone someday would come and claim it. Her story was announced trough 67 countries on TV news.

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