I did not manage to put out all keys on the blog last year, because of my machine crash, and will follow up better now :) This is a very sad story, but also a very beautiful one. These keys are from Chris, he had saved these old keys for the #keys4peace project. The really sad part is that he took his own life. Probably he could not find this peace inside himself that he was trying to open up. A lot of people find the world a difficult place. It makes me sad they can´t find a way to embrace life. This project is about hope, and creating positive energies. WE all make a change!! Robyne, Chris beloved sent me these keys after he left us. For her Chris made a huge impact. Definitely he was important to a lot of people! Let people know they are important, let them feel how precious they are. If they struggle be there with them, and we can make a world where people feel hope and create even more evidence of it!! Robyne THANK YOU for sending these very important keys! We will never forget Chris story, and hopefully his keys can open up other peoples hearts for #peace. I send my LOVE over the ocean to America and you, Robyne. You shared with us your love to Chris, and you share your hope and love with others!!!

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